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Visual Dress Code Guide

Clubhouse Dress Code

Members are expected to choose attire befitting the surrounds and atmosphere of Orchard Park Country Club. Members are responsible for ensuring that their family members and guests observe our dress requirements. When dress requirements beyond Casual (see below), are required, it also applies to young men and ladies, ages 13 and over. The dress code for private events will be consistent with the Member’s published dress code at that time of day for each given venue.

Respectable Country Club casual dress, including appropriate golf attire and tasteful denim, is permitted in the Grill Room and around the Club. Tee shirts, athletic tank tops, athletic leggings, miniskirts, hoodies, etc. are not permitted in and around the Clubhouse. Sweatpants, gym shorts, jogging shorts, and cargo shorts are also not permitted. Athletic slides and flip flops for men are considered inappropriate for all Club dining areas. Sandals for gentlemen are permitted in outdoor dining areas, but are considered inappropriate for indoor dining areas. Gentlemen may wear hats with the brim facing forward in outdoor dining areas and the locker rooms. Swimsuits are not permitted in the Clubhouse or Clubhouse dining outlets. Any clothing that is torn, frayed, or excessively wrinkled is considered inappropriate.

The dress code for special Club events will be noted on event flyers and will follow one of the themes noted below.


Khakis, trousers, including Bermuda length shorts, or tasteful denim with collared shirts for men; casual slacks or tasteful denim with appropriate tops for ladies. Gentlemen’s dress shirts that are designed to be untucked, which include Tommy Bahama, UN-TUCKit, and collared shirts that are full button front are permitted in and around the Clubhouse. All men’s golf shirts must be tucked inside men’s trousers or shorts, unless otherwise approved by management.
Similar to casual attire, however shorts are not permitted. Denim is discouraged.
Jackets are required for gentlemen, with slacks and collared shirts; ties are optional. For women, dresses and skirts, casual pant suits, and tasteful pants with appropriate tops. Denim is not permitted.
Jackets with ties are required for gentlemen, including business suits, or blazer and tie with dress trousers. For women, dresses and skirts, business suits, formal pant suits, and dress pants with appropriate tops. Denim is not permitted.
Tuxedo is recommended for gentlemen; a black suit and tie is acceptable. Formal dresses or gowns recommended for women. Slacks or pant suits would be inappropriate in a black tie setting. Denim is not permitted.

Clubhouse Guidelines

All Clubhouse facilities, including Locker Rooms, and any other buildings on the Club property are non-smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Smoking is permitted on the upper pool deck above the pumphouse, the veranda, and the patio, provided it is not at the patio bar. Smoking is not permitted on the Upper Terrace.
are not permitted to ring on property. (Includes Clubhouse, Golf Course & Practice Facility). Please be respectful of all members by refraining from cell phone use in dining areas and set cell phones to vibrate only.
Direct adult supervision of children is required at the fire pit at all times. Use of the fire pit is not permitted if the Patio is closed.
One must be 18+ years of age in order to access the Clubhouse locker rooms
The Club is not liable for lost, damage or theft of any personal items.
As per NYS Health & Food Service Health Codes and Regulations, it is required that service dogs (guide and hearing) be allowed to accompany their owners in all restaurant areas. This is not applicable for emotional support dogs or animals. Advanced notice of a service animal being on Club property is encouraged.